poem: let it

(32 words) 21 Jun 2018 by S.R.A. Markin let it flow through let it soak in let the thoughts end let it carry on let it be let it go let whatever happens, happen can you? let it. let it.

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poem: no puzzle

(63 words) Jun 2018 by S.R.A. Markin may i never be fully repaired put together and whole like a puzzle that i am not there is no straight edges and corner pieces to begin with you can’t organize by colours or look at a reference, i am not complex nor even simple i just am,…

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poem: kick out of life

(154 words) Jun 20 2018 by S.R.A. Markin i get a kick out of it when people say life is hard i know it is i usually just keep it to myself. trembling and leading ink onto lined-paper incoherent. smudges that seep through the pages starring off at dandelions, the heads disperse into the breeze…

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poem: doctors appointment

(115 words) 20 Jun 2018 by S.R.A. Markin i wipe the rain from off my glasses rubbing in the smudge from my face until it is gone i sit in the back of the doctor’s waiting room i had to update my address; it has been so long mom used to take me here for…

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poem: an abandoned wolf

(123 words) written winter 2018 by S.R.A. Markin an abandoned wolf in a cage unprotected from the weathering storms which violently project every single day chilling nights, obsessions in the rain physical exertions within the confinements lessening atrophy, and impeding menacing mental deterioration studying the movements of passersby off in the distance, they hear faint…

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poem: she came back

(130 words) 20 June 2018 by S.R.A. Markin and why am i here? have you forgotten about me, is that it have i meant nothing to you? i wish you were here if i have ever needed you, now is the time i push myself upwards and slouch over my body hangs like a broken…

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poem: just me

(82 words) 19 Jun 2018 by S.R.A. Markin i am jealous watching them pass by holding hands looking each other in the eyes maybe debating where to go or talking about where they were how nice it is to have each other nothing matters on such a beautiful day i wonder if they are still…

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poem: ducks crossing

(111 words) 19 Jun 2018 by S.R.A. Markin the audience on the tv cheer on the guest. they talk about jealousy in a relationship. partners and house guests, they say. mostly women about 30-45-years old screaming and cheering. the nurse in the office screeches and points out the window. a duck and her ducklings walk…

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poem: my backyard

(123 words) 19 Jun 2018 by S.R.A. Markin out back sprayed with Muskol against leaves and weeds that itch a helicopter flies over head like it has been recently through todays grey skies some rain falls not much, but enough for me to cover my book and my journal i watch the helicopter do you…

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