Support this Canadian.

I write poems, short stories, blogs, and I love to create art and design apparel and other goods. I would do all of this for the rest of my life if I could figure out marketing.

My goal is to share my work. This is a vulnerable feeling being online to the public, and I spend a lot of time and focus on my work and then post it or show my friends and family. I don’t expect anyone to like it, but I prefer criticism over someone saying they like it. I want to be told what doesn’t work. It helps me. That is not to say I don’t love the positive feedback because that makes me feel good about myself and keeps me going.

Yes, my name is my business: Steven Markin. And in regards to selling, I want to sell my work. I want to show others who may feel that they will never get out of debt, or they are stuck in a job, that they too can create and be passionate about making money. Money is secondary to me, being a part of communities and interacting with others is why I do all of this. I get lonely, but it means the world to me to have a good chat. Haha. Plus, making money allows me to continue to create and share.

You can contact me via email at for whatever reason, but just having you read this and having a look at my work, supports me.

Thank you.

– Steven Markin


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