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I write poems, short stories and blogs, and I love to create art with acrylic paint. I will paint on any medium I come across. I can’t remember where this idea for me to paint started, but I have been following local artists and appreciating various forms of art for a long time. I have taken multiple art classes when I was younger, but I was never any good with colour, mostly with shapes and sketches. But I started painting recently, and I love the process. Although, I do get nervous before painting at nights. I procrastinate and then get a bowl of frozen yogurt before sitting down to mix paints and prep. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself and take a nap, and then an image appears in my mind, and I use it to paint. Inspiration comes from unexpected places.

My goal is to share my work. This is a vulnerable feeling because I spend a lot of time and focus on my craft and then post it or show my friends and family. I don’t expect anyone to like it, but I prefer criticism over someone saying they like it. I want to be told what doesn’t work. It helps me. That is not to say I don’t love the positive feedback that makes me feel good about my work.

In regards to selling my paintings on etsy and eBay:
I am putting a lot of effort into painting. I want to sell my work on etsy and on eBay at a reasonable price so that others are more inclined to purchase it; and therefore, I can create more.

I am a messy painter. Nothing is going to be perfect, and I thought a lot about this. I am not lazy, but I think the best things in life have flaws, scratches, marks, blemishes, lines, creases, you name it. For example, someone who has worked to lose weight. Maybe there are stretch marks and loose skin as a result, but these markings do not indicate the quality of the hard work, it is merely a representation of the beauty of the person. And someone should never be ashamed of their hard work, especially with good intentions.
My work is not perfect, and neither am I. But I will do my best to make it good quality, and I will package it and ship it safely and promptly because it is my responsibility to get you what you purchased.

Please note: I am reasonable and open to suggestions. You can contact me via email at, and I will respond ASAP.


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