Steven Markin

My name is Steven Robert Alexander Markin, and I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in ’86, currently living in Calgary, Alberta. I come from a loving family that has only grown closer through time and adversities. My family and friends mean the world to me (and so do my cats). & my etsy shop are my outlets to add content and to be creative about topics that are important to me. My common themes are school, loneliness, depression, art, anxiety, heartbreak, and sadness. My goal isn’t to make anyone feel sad, but to show that your feelings, your emotions, your pain, is much like what someone else is feeling, much like myself. This is not to take away or compare, but to help show that there is a community of people in this world who feel and suffer and relate, and maybe together through conversation, and a creative outlet, the community can grow stronger with knowledge, understanding, and love for one another.
My goal in life is to learn, so I can help others. I have dealt with depression sinse a young age, and around 2003-2004 my depression kept me inside for nearly 3 years. I gained a substantial amount of weight after dropping out of high school and going from about 155 lbs at 5’7″ to 240+lbs at 5’7″. I drank alcohol, smoked, ate very poorly (suffered from bulimia), and had insomnia (either lack of sleep or too much sleep). On March 1st 2007, I was at my lowest. I couldn’t stand the sight of myself, nor staying indoors anymore. My head was filled with the past and this tormented me. The thoughts of once having friends, and an active life to being obese and a shut-in destroyed me. I looked in the mirror and decided on one of two things: to kill myself or to lose weight and better myself. Well, I broke the mirror, took a progress picture, and walked upstairs to get blueberries and carrots and then I rode my stationary bike while watching “Braveheart” that night.
Since then, I am now around 174lbs at about 8% BF. I train regularly, eat well and document my food, I am an Honours Student at Mount Royal University in physical literacy and minoring in English. I have helped my mom eat and live better (who has epilepsy and severe depression); i have helped my sister to lose 40 lbs (who has MS); I am constantly helping my brother to eat better and get exercise, and I have helped and trained many of my close friends from time to time. I have helped many of my loved ones to have a better understanding of food and to live a more active life.
I have put myself through hell after March 1st, 2007, and I knew that any amount of hard work, regardless of physical pain (by way of exercise or an injury) is much more beneficial than doing nothing. My list of injuries and my time training is too long to document (almost joking!), and I have had to learn the hard way so that I can be more useful for others. And at 31-years-old, almost 32, life has not been any easier, but I am trying my best to show and prove that as someone who has suffered and dealt with depression that giving up is never an option. I only want to keep moving forward and keep meeting others and building a healthy and sustainable life.
Thank you for reading.

-Steven Markin

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