poem: your new screensaver

(171 words) July 2018

by Steven R.A. Markin

paint covers the black canvas.
blotches on the side of my hands
and fingers.
supplies scattered throughout my room,
my fat cat sleeps in the corner
on a bed sheet,
and the music plays low.
the products have yet to be painted,
the book has yet to be completed,
the skills have yet to be improved,
money invested,
and all nights,
i paint, and i write,
to 4 or 5 a.m.
and when i sleep,
i dream in colours
mixed, brushed
and illustrated.
the banks aren’t kind,
the bills don’t stop,
interest rates increase,
and student loans,
and no word from the lawyer.
you tell me about your new screen saver,
a painting,
i painted
and sent you.
if this world wants to ruin me,
i will paint the bleak canvas,
i will write on the walls,
and i will be the one
no matter what,
slouched over,
broken to pieces,
and old,
with pride.
do your best,
i will not give up
for you
and you.

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