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poem: open the sky

(252 words) 30 Jun 2018

by Steven R.A. Markin

iv’e seen birds on wires above
but only birds by themselves
multiple times,
and i think of Leonard Cohen’s song.

i don’t look up much anymore
when i walk
nor do i smile much
and i certainly don’t bother to talk.
i step off the sidewalk
and even cross the street.
it’s sad really,
feeling this way.
hunched over
wishing things to be okay.
but, instead
walking and trying to be low-key.
so for the ones who know me
and the others who have said hi,
maybe one day it will be back
and having a good ol’ time.

i didn’t have much,
but what i had
is now compromised.
i’m feeling alone,
with a fat cat
looking to the sky.

a walk or less a day.

who am i kidding,
i have family
and friends
and they know me best
and soon, i’ll be me

i have to find something
that gets me going further.
although, before
it was simply meditation
and exercise.

or just me.

i know soon
the clouds will part
to open the sky.
until this feeling of being watched
but really, i don’t mind the rain
nor the storm
and hell, i am still standing
even slouched
and doing whatever it takes
to show
who i really am
like how my friends and family
see me.
that’s all that matters
and until then,
i have them
and knowing that the sky behind
the grey
will soon show
and so will i.


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