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poem: can’t please them and never tried

(155 words) 29 Jun 2018

by S.R.A. Markin

what’s with your hair?
it’s too long
too short.
why do you style it like that?
trim your beard
grow it out.
oh my, you are getting skinny
ew, i can see your veins
oh, you’re so lean.
have you gained weight?
you look fat.
your clothing has holes
i like what you wear
you look good in plaid
oh, don’t wear that.
don’t be afraid to take it off,
you look good in your underwear.
have you thought of doing this
or that
or maybe even this
why do you speak that way?
you’re beautiful
nah, you’re just cute.
i like your eyes
dark and mysterious
like there is more to learn.
are you dumb?
i like getting to know you,
and how damaged you are.
why don’t you make time
why are you wasting it
how come
change yourself
never change,
just be you,
do you even know who you are?


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