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poem: working with depression

(123 words) 28 Jun 2018
by S.R.A. Markin

get yourself back
it has been too long
be honest
it has hurt
and broken you down.
but make little goals
and get out of bed
step by step
nothing large,
yet. and yet, you can.
don’t overwhelm yourself,
just know that soon,
you will be there.
so eat well
train hard
try to sleep
be creative
and go for walks
it is an easy plan.
write it down,
and check them off
each day, give yourself retribution
no one else will
no one else needs to
but you need to.
don’t worry about being positive
or happy
or anything else that masks,
be yourself
be active
be consistent
and work hard
and in time you will create
a feeling
that will last.


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