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poem: kaili – a college crush

(233 words) 25 Jun 2018

by S.R.A. Markin

i recall the silence between us
after being friends for a while,
many years back.

we would find comfy spots,
go for coffee, and chat in between classes.
you were upgrading to be in kinesiology,
and oddly, that is what i ended up doing.
you spoke a lot about your son and your
love for rugby, and how much you like
beards and plaid.
i mostly listened and made jokes,
which is probably what made it work.
at home, my girlfriend was accusing me
going on that i am cheating on her.
she didn’t know about you,
until one day i told her that i have a friend,
you talked about Goon being hilarious
so you lent it to me,
and guess what,
after two-years,
and a lot of fighting,
that is what got us to break up.
i got my shit, my dad helped
and we got the fuck out.
the next day, you waited by my locker
because that Russian boy was hitting
on you. i told you that i just broke up
with my girlfriend
you got upset
and started hanging out with the Russian.
we stopped talking.
and the year after, you were in my math class,
we both got there early most days,
and stood,
not saying a word.
we never talked again.
but i thought of you when watching Goon
with my most recent, now ex-girlfriend.


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