poem: she came back

(130 words) 20 June 2018

by S.R.A. Markin

and why am i here? have you forgotten about me,
is that it
have i meant nothing to you? i wish you were here
if i have ever needed you, now is the time
i push myself upwards and slouch over
my body hangs like a broken piece of string held by two fingers
you put her in my life
she came back. twice
she could have walked away for good, but no
she came back
she fed me when i needed to eat
she sheltered me when i needed protection
and now gone, and i am empty, cold, and broken
i lay here useless. one who can’t walk,
can’t fight,
can’t –
i can’t even love. or can i
is that what this is
this life is hell.

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