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poem: an abandoned wolf

(123 words) written winter 2018

by S.R.A. Markin

an abandoned wolf in a cage
unprotected from the weathering storms
which violently project every single day
chilling nights, obsessions in the rain
physical exertions within the confinements
lessening atrophy, and impeding menacing mental deterioration
studying the movements of passersby
off in the distance, they hear faint howls and cries
but no one bothers to come near
but the wolf is patient, a necessity
for one day the bars will rust
and he will break through
there will be no redemption
for the wolf, he only knew
that at one quick moment,
they will regain sight
and look past his wounded eyes
deep into his blackened soul
they will remember what he was like
and question why they had ever let him go.



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