poem: my backyard

(123 words) 19 Jun 2018

by S.R.A. Markin

out back sprayed with Muskol
against leaves and weeds that itch
a helicopter flies over head
like it has been recently
through todays grey skies
some rain falls
not much, but enough for me
to cover my book
and my journal
i watch the helicopter
do you watch me
the rain subsides
the helicopter leaves
a blue patch in the sky opens
and i scratch a rash from all the leaves.

i should probably mow and weed
garden maybe
maybe next year
the mosquito squishes. my blood
it rains, and i wipe my arm
and the blue patch in the sky
is directly above my head
like an opening to something better.

my brother can mow the front
i’ll do the back.

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