poem: 5 months of nights

(111 words) 2 June 2018

By S.R.A. Markin

a man with a burning heart
a powerful prowess
a great restlessness
nearly unstoppable

but when it rains,
and the sun is hidden
when there are no stars
nor moon

in the long lonely nights,
the fire dims and twinkles
and he fights the urge
to submerge and blow it out

and with aching legs,
and vivid memories
he whispers to himself,
“goodnight, love.”

and dries his eyes
and turns off the light
and deep within,
the fire illuminates
from feedings of broken dreams
and inanimate, old desires

and before he lulls
this man asks himself,
“do i deserve this?”
and there is no answer

there has never been an answer


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I am a student at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am in the Health and Physical Education degree, majoring in physical literacy, and I am minoring in English.

I inspire to do few things and to do these things right. I enjoy creative writing.

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