Flash Fiction: blue light

(457 words) 9 March 2018

By. S.R.A. Markin

The light continues to flicker, and he can’t stop looking at it. All damn night, he thought. I have been laying here staring at that damn blue light all god damn night.
The illumination is dim and occupies a small space in the dark room. It would be missed if one did not appropriately know where to look and even what to look for, and even by chance of glancing, one would quickly mistaken the blue light for the rest of the darkness.
“Will you turn off that damn light. I am trying to sleep,” the man yelled knowing very well that no one can hear him. “Every night, I am damned to see this blue light. I close my eyes. I see the light. I open them, and there it is. Have some damn decency and turn it off. I have asked countless of times. I have asked nicely. Now for the love of god, turn it off before I smash it off,” he shouted.
The man did not get up for he is much too weak. Arthritis in his knees has contributed to his inert manner of sedentary life in isolation. Well, that is what he would have you believe.
The man aggressively rolls over in his bed. The springs protrude from the ripped sheets. He knows where to move as he adjusts himself back onto his back.
“I am very tired,” he said out loud. “I have had a long day, and all I ask is for that blue light to be turned off.”
The man has indeed had a long day. Although he has no recollection of the length of time of which he has been awake, nor does he know if it is daylight or nighttime, but the man, if there were light to see, would show great tiredness. If there were light in this basement room, one could see the sleeplessness in his eyes. His eyes would-be unusually red as if blood had dried and crusted. One would see blackness around his pale, almost translucent, skin under his eyes and splotchy bedsores scattered throughout his frail and atrophied body.
Although it would be unlikely to think of this man if one was indeed to see his outer appearance, the man at one time in life was an attractive young man. Life had not been kind to him, as it has been unkind to so many, and he is aware of this. And as he lays in his damp bed as he will until he dies in a couple of days, this man while asleep before then will dream of a woman who once loved him and cherished his company.


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