Non-Fiction: Chase B.C. to Calgary AB. -’94

(302 words) 20 Feb. 2018

By S.R.A. Markin

I had an interest in playing outdoors, toys, and supervillains.
My few friends were close like brothers and sisters. We spent our days together, most days, playing and being creative. Our toys were characters in our worlds, and each had their unique attributes.
Blake moved away to Drayton Valley, and I was too young to understand. I thought he went to another planet. I stayed back for a while with Colin and Candice until my dad came home and talked about living in Calgary. My life had friends. My world had my toys.
One afternoon, after months of packing boxes, we drove away. We left behind grandpa’s boat. We got it after he had died. We left my toboggan and a couple of boxes of toys. We left Colin and Candice. I waved to my house and my friends, and for some reason, I felt a slight tear in my body like Velcro.
The night was eerie. I sat next to my sister in a big U-Haul. She slept. I was bug-eyed and watching the road. The lights shone only a near distance ahead of us. Lights dimmed as they came nearer. Clouds danced on the dark road. My dad leads the way. Behind us, mom drove with my baby brother in our van. My dad protected us throughout the night.
After hours of watching lights and clouds, we stopped at McDonald’s. It was open 24-hours, and I got a burger and a toy. I was excited to eat my burger so late. I have never had the pleasure to eat this late at night before.
Back in the truck, my dad drove smelling like coffee. My sister went back to sleep and lightly snored, and I showed my new toy the road to my new world.
I named my toy, Animal.



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