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poem: put yourself together

(181 words) 9 Feb 2018

BY S.R.A. Markin

i am sad, and i need help
i can’t stop thinking about you
right now, you are probably with him
it is assumptions like this that shows that i am unstable
i have investigated and accused you on many occasions
looking back, i can see why you are frustrated with me
i wish i could go back, and be someone else,
someone who is courageous
i am not, nor will i ever be someone else
i was doing okay before seeing you,
then i get the idea to find you
and when i find you, we fight
we always end up fighting
my heart hurts thinking about it
it breaks further, thinking of the good times
i am advised to delete your photographs
i can’t even see when I scroll through them
what hurts the most is your beautiful smile
i still kiss your forehead
even just the polaroid
i miss making you smile
but, i only make you sad
if i can put myself together,
maybe i can be your friend
maybe i can be me again



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