poem: a friend

(188 words) 6 Feb. 2018

By S.R.A. Markin

i ignore the sound of my name
an unfamiliar voice, and a pleasant smile
“how are you?” she said
“i am fine,” i said
“i didn’t know it was you. your beard grew”
“and i am wearing plaid. still me”
“hows school?” she said
“i am afraid that i don’t care much about school”
“are you graduating this year?”
“i thought we started at the same time?”
“we did, but i want to focus on my work”
i nearly lie, we converse about life
we occupy the hallway, and people pass by
“how are you two doing?”
“we broke up”
“i would see you together holding hands”
“we still see each other and talk”
“did she want to break up?”
“i suggested it”
“you seem to be taking it hard?”
“i tend to take things hard”
we continue talking, spewing information
i remind myself to listen, to be friendly back
“what happens in life happens, no reason to worry”
“i need to take care of this,” i said pointing to my head
“so do i,” she said
she hugs me, we walk away
“goodbye,” she said waving


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