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poem: a wasted dream

(187 words) 28 Jan. 2018

By S.R.A. Markin

if things were different,
and if i had a life with her that was real,
unlike this one,
we could have been happy
we could have kissed each other goodnight
and good morning
we could grow tired of each other
she can die lonely after me
but no,
this life,
these thoughts,
this dream
is all i have and soon to perish
what is the difference
there is no distinction between dreams and reality,
life, and death. they are jokes
i laugh, and i smile
because you think this is a joke, so i might as well too
but i wish it had been different,
and it is much too late
wishing gets me nothing. i have wasted my time,
and this is the worst feeling. i have lost my time,
and she was beautiful
her eyes. her smile. her touch.
she stimulated the darkest depths of me,
and awoken something inside,
but only for a moment
i was too weak to keep it alive
for long
i am inadequate to this world
she did everything to try
and help me
she also wasted her time.



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