poem: to whom this may apply

(142 words) 22 Jan. 2018

By S.R.A. Markin

i said hi,
one early morning
covered in sweat
a squat rack over

you did work
for hours
and days
we grew and connected
laughing through the pain

my phone buzzed
and i vibrated yours
we chatted at length
for hours
and days

no matter how early,
we rose to meet
our waking hours
times apart
i embarked on dreams
you embraced

now the alarm buzzes
i hit the snooze
i preferred
to be with you
so i go back
into slumber
far away
under covers

i never want to wake
i desire to go back
before the cracks and breaks
to be us
we part
the hardest part
is my heart
is still
i love
and forever

i drag this on
afraid to let go
to search within
and be me


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