poem: smile

(255 Words) 7 Dec. 2017
by S.R.A. Markin

Focus, Steven.

She tells me to focus. I should learn to focus. With the sun on my greasy face, sweat dripping from my armpits, I should remember to breathe and slow down.

Center myself.

Focus on the task, ignore the distractions. Dissociate me, and emerge myself in my work. I get so much done when I do these things. The task is in front of me, so wipe the grease from my forehead and take a deep breath. Exhale. Exhale. Repeat. I am capable, so

Center myself.

And therefore, I can see what is more important and to have control over what I can control so remember to


On what matters. Remember I am important and I can do this, so


She tells me to focus, and she is no longer here, but she is apparently in my mind. I tell myself to


One moment at a time. Speak for yourself. You can do this. Tell yourself to focus and to


Once I focus, the task is manageable. I am open-minded, once I am centered. Once I breathe, I am calmer. When I repeat it, I gain experience. I learn to


Steven is focused.

And don’t be afraid to lose focus. You will relapse. Accept yourself and understand that you will lose your focus. Remember to


And be adaptive, breathe, center yourself, and repeat. She is in your mind. Smile and remind yourself to


Steven, are you focused?


She always wants you to smile.


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